Online ED Card

All foreign visitors arriving in Curaçao are required to have a completed ED-card for immigration clearance. At the moment travelers can obtain the ED-card on board of the flights arriving to Curaçao. The Online ED-card can be completed in the comfort of your home before even embarking your flight to Curaçao. By introducing the Online ED-card the amount of time spent in the immigration line will be considerably reduced. The Online ED Card will be in sync with the Automated Border Management System referred to as "eGates".

Please note that you can apply for your online ED-card at least 1 hour prior to departure, and the airport eGates may only be used by those with an EU, US or Canadian passport with chip, who are above the age of 18.

Completing the ED-card
After booking your flight complete the form by filling out all required fields. The form must be completed before departing to Curaçao. After completing the form submit the form by clicking on the ‘save’ button. You will receive an email back confirming your online registration. If possible please print out the online application. This confirmation does not guarantee admission to Curaçao. A border control officer at the port of entry will have the final determination.

For more information about your ED Card please visit the Digital Immigration Card section on curacao.com.

For questions regarding the Online ED Card please contact us from Monday to Friday during office hours 7.30 AM - 5 PM (GMT -4) at [email protected].

Clearing Immigration
At arrival, please follow the instructions of the "eGates". The eGate will match your passport with your completed online ED Card in the system.

Complete your ED Card

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